Missing My Grandmother


Genealogy to me has always been a passion. If I start up with it I am sucked in for months at a time. But my greatest ally in this search for my ancestors has died, my Grandma.

I am finding it difficult to work on genealogy without her. I couldn’t even look at my genealogy notebooks for the months after her death. Just yesterday I was able to do a little research online.


His is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather from many years ago.

Today I found a copy of my grandfather’s brother’s “Notice of Intention to Marry” and there were the names of my grandmother and grandfather. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought how much my grandmother would have loved seeing a copy of this.

She loved seeing the original documents from years ago that had family members names on them. She would have loved to see that.

I am going to continue researching but it is now a very lonely road, my cohort is gone, and my sadness is overwhelming.

I remember sitting with her and talking over her well documented list of genealogy. She got stuck in her side of the family as soon as the line went into Ireland. She had the names till that point in time but no other info or dates.

I have started working on trying to work back from this line. It is not easy and we did work on it together for years, her with verbal history from relatives and me online and ordering original documents from various towns.

Recently Ancestry.com has been a very huge help to me as I have worked on finding my roots in Ireland. I just wish the yearly fee wasn’t so high.

It has been so helpful though to find other family trees that attached to mine so well. This research has made my searches easier but also a bit more difficult.

It is a bit more difficult because there is a computer trying to match my family members to others online and sometimes the results are a bit screwy. Like renaming my female relative with her husbands name and so she was now a male. Very strange indeed.

For the most part the research on Ancestry.com has been very helpful.

Missing you grandma as I continue our research. e0c8ae2c-a9a2-4519-90dd-49a6c0f7be0d

Love Me





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