Missing My Grandmother


Genealogy to me has always been a passion. If I start up with it I am sucked in for months at a time. But my greatest ally in this search for my ancestors has died, my Grandma.

I am finding it difficult to work on genealogy without her. I couldn’t even look at my genealogy notebooks for the months after her death. Just yesterday I was able to do a little research online.


His is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather from many years ago.

Today I found a copy of my grandfather’s brother’s “Notice of Intention to Marry” and there were the names of my grandmother and grandfather. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought how much my grandmother would have loved seeing a copy of this.

She loved seeing the original documents from years ago that had family members names on them. She would have loved to see that.

I am going to continue researching but it is now a very lonely road, my cohort is gone, and my sadness is overwhelming.

I remember sitting with her and talking over her well documented list of genealogy. She got stuck in her side of the family as soon as the line went into Ireland. She had the names till that point in time but no other info or dates.

I have started working on trying to work back from this line. It is not easy and we did work on it together for years, her with verbal history from relatives and me online and ordering original documents from various towns.

Recently Ancestry.com has been a very huge help to me as I have worked on finding my roots in Ireland. I just wish the yearly fee wasn’t so high.

It has been so helpful though to find other family trees that attached to mine so well. This research has made my searches easier but also a bit more difficult.

It is a bit more difficult because there is a computer trying to match my family members to others online and sometimes the results are a bit screwy. Like renaming my female relative with her husbands name and so she was now a male. Very strange indeed.

For the most part the research on Ancestry.com has been very helpful.

Missing you grandma as I continue our research. e0c8ae2c-a9a2-4519-90dd-49a6c0f7be0d

Love Me





I Love Cemeteries

Recently I was able to take time and visit the gravesites of some of my relatives. My mom came with me. It was a beautiful day and we only had to call my grandmother once to ask her how to find a headstone.

Here is the headstone we were searching for… (I have blotted out the last name for privacy)


I have always loved cemeteries. As a young child my grandmother would take me with her on her regular “neatings” of the headstones. She had this special container she brought that contained: a watering can, trowel, tiny rake, gardening gloves, and grocery bags for trash. On special occasion she also brought flowers to plant or greenery to add.

I believe spending time with my grandmother in the cemeteries when I was young is the reason I enjoy them so much now.

Another beautiful stone.. Love the edgework.


I enjoy reading the old stones, taking care of our family headstones, finding interesting names on stones and wondering if they are related to me somehow, I enjoy the quietness of the cemetery, I love the quotes on the stones, and I enjoy the thought of the care that was taken for each of the individuals buried here.

When searching online I found a woman with the same name as me buried 2 towns north of me. I had to go investigate. It was hard to find that stone. We had a wonderful time looking at all the old stones and reading the inscriptions. The stone I was looking for was an old stone and not well taken care of. Just as we were about to give up my daughter spied the stone. I of course got a picture of me with the headstone that bears my name exactly. Blotted name of course :0

I love cemeteries.

Do you like cemeteries?

Videos & Genealogy Footage


Four Generations

We have some relatives that are getting up in their years. My Grandma is one of these wonderful people still in our lives. We cherish her so much. Her stories are so full of detail and accurate to a T. My daughters, Director and Gallop, took one weekend and shot footage of their Great-Grandma looking through old photo albums and explaining each picture. The footage is not reading to post yet but they also took pictures of these old photos and I do have some of those to share.



Proud Daddy


Old House & Car


I think videography is a perfect way to keep this family information safe and sound. I remember her stories but not with the same emotion she has for them. She was there when there were lines to get bread during the great depression. She was there when the men went off to war during WWII. She can tell you what she was wearing the day I was born. She can remember all the great–grandchildren and great-great-grand children’s birthdays. She is amazing. Here are some more pictures from that day of filming.



Grandpa Wrestling




We would take some footage and then give Grandma a break. We would look and see what we had for footage and then have her do some more. It was a wonderful weekend but I am not sure that she will want to do it again anytime soon. It did wear her out. We were listening to stories but she was remembering the emotions of all those events.

Grandma’s are AWESOME!!

Why I Started a Genealogy Blog

Why did I start this blog? My reason is fairly selfish. I wanted to make sure that I took time each week to work on genealogy. But I also had to make sure that it was a set time so that I did not go overboard and spend the entire week and all my spare time hunting genealogy. I also want a place to keep track of what I find useful for hunting genealogy and a place to show what has helped me in searching genealogy.

I truly love working on my families genealogy and it can become very addicting.

For example:

  • I will find that one particular census that I am sure will have the information that I am looking for.
  • I don’t find the information I was sure I would find.
  • So I start looking at the neighbors on the census and see what I can find there.
  • Then I start thinking that maybe in the next census I will find it.
  • Then I happen upon a document that might be THEE one that would help me find the information I was looking for.
  • Then I….. and it goes on. Very addicting.

Sometimes just organizing what I have found will take my entire genealogy time that I give myself each week. So after I organize I think, “Did that really count? I only organized but did not really search anything.” So without a set time I can easily continue indefinitely working on genealogy.

What ended up happening this last time I was working on genealogy? I got so involved with hunting that I stopped. I just totally stopped. I was so upset with myself for becoming so involved again. I put all my family binders away and did not touch them. It has been 6 months since I pulled them out. I was in fear of being addicted again and that I would not be able to control myself.

My plan:

  • Set up an area in the craft room that is just for my genealogy books, binders, files, etc.
  • Have one time each week that is dedicated to just working on genealogy
  • Stopping when that time is up because I know I will have this time again the next week
  • Making extensive notes as I go along so that I do not take half my time just figuring out where I left off last time
  • File my papers as I find them so that I don’t take the entire time filing the next time when I could be searching

So, the reason for my blog is to give me time to work on genealogy without it being an addiction. I hope this blog will be as beneficial to others as it to me.

Here is a perfect link as an example of what I love to find. (Click on the image below.)

Click to Link to the Site

Click to Link to the Site

Happy hunting!

Am I Related to My Ex-Husband?


I love genealogy so much so that I have to control myself or it takes over most of my time. Most of my extended family knows that I am searching behind the scenes for our ancestors.

When I was talking with my dad at my daughters wedding this summer I found out some scary information. It answered a lot of questions about why I was stumped on my dads side of the genealogy. But made me a little concerned. Not terribly concerned, but it sure made me HUGELY intrigued!

My dad was talking with me about random things and family history and just blurted out the information. He said that his dad, my grandpa, was adopted and his dad’s birth name wasn’t M****. He piqued my curiosity. I had been stumped at Grandpa for so long. I found Grandpa’s brother and his wife but no further back. It was a dead end. I had so much other stuff to look into that was actually going somewhere. More information followed. My dad said the adoption was never made official, that his dad just took on the name M**** from the family that took care of him after his parents died. But his real last name was C****.

That stopped me in my tracks. In my genealogy searches I had come across that C**** name many times. It was my ex mother-in-laws maiden name. MY Ex MOTHER-IN-LAW! My ex-husband and I had a son, Gamer! I guess we couldn’t be to closely related cuz our son is completely normal. Well, mostly 🙂 Sorry Gamer…

I tried to explain my mom what my dad was talk about but it was a busy weekend and people get kind of tired of me talking about our ancestors. (It was my daughters wedding.) With all we had to do that weekend I stopped thinking about it till just the other day.

I was organizing the craft room and saw my genealogy binders. How closely are my ex-husband and I related? Will I be able to find the records of my Grandpa’s undocumented adoption? Yah, right. But it will be fun to look for. I will control myself for now and will wait to search.

But, I think I am related to my ex-husband!